Savor this experience.

Satori’s handcrafted cannabis confections are made from gourmet ingredients, including premium chocolate infused with precise doses of pure cannabis oil covering whole dried fruits and nuts. Our mint confections are microdosed for all day mood maintenance.

Introduce your customers to the pleasures of microdosing cannabinoids with gourmet Satori confections. Combining precise amounts of premium cannabis oil with some of the world’s finest chocolate, dried fruits and nuts, Satori Chocolates offer a decadent way to imbibe small amounts of THC and CBD while managing your experience.

Satori Mints allow you to conveniently ingest microdosed amounts of THC throughout the day. Sublingual absorption in your mouth allows the THC to take effect faster than traditional edibles, which must be fully digested before effects are typically felt. With only 2 milligrams per mint, you can manage your experience, brighten your day and freshen breath all at once.